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Santa Barbara, CA
United States

(805) 687-4771

Stetson Dive Charters

Charter Schedule



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Dive Charters Since 1980

Find an updated schedule for 2018-2019 below. For more information about specific trips, please visit the "Trips" section on the navigation bar above. Click here to download a PDF schedule

  • January 18-26, 2018 (147’ Nautilus Belle Amie)
  • February 2-10, 2019  (116’ Nautilus Explorer)
  • January 25-Feb 2, 2020  (110’ Nautilus Undersea)

Prices includes the new 16% Mexico Tax.  The Revillagigedos Islands  (Socorro, San Benedicto & Roca Partida) are located approximately 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The goal is to dive with the big pelagics: giant manta rays, humpback whales, a variety of sharks and whatever else is in the area.  This will be our 5th charter to Socorro and we’ve had very good diving every trip.

YAP MICRONESIA:  February 10-21, 2018  -  $3000

360 miles NE of Palau; 450 miles SW of Guam; 600 miles N of Papua New Guinea. Yap is a very remote dive destination.  50% of the reefs have never been dove before.  This charter includes 10 nights lodging, all meals, 8 days of diving with 3 nitrox dives per day, 10% tax, Wifi and airport transfers.  United Airlines has flights into Yap, via Guam / Palau.


April 27-29, 2018  (Friday – Sunday)   38th Annual  -  $225 - $450

3 Days / 2 Nights hotel in Avalon, round trip ferry transportation, gear transportation on the island, BBQ at a private park in Catalina Canyon.  Night, wreck and deeper diving in the Marine Park at Casino Point.  Air compressor on site.  Over 1,900 divers have attended this trip.  We will be staying at three different hotels to give people options on where they’d like to stay.  Non-divers are also welcome.  Average attendance is between 60-80 divers.  

SANTA  BARBARA  REUNION  CHARTER:  June 8-10, 2018  (Friday-Sunday)   26th Annual

85’ VISION LIVEABOARD TO SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND  -  $675 (includes fuel surcharge)

San Clemente Island usually has the warmest and clearest water of the Channel Islands.  This is always an incredible group of friends who return to Santa Barbara each year from across the U.S.  Some of us have been diving together for over 30 years. Cost includes the fuel surcharge to travel south.

SEA OF CORTEZ: Midriff Islands Whalesharks  -  110’ Rocio del Mar  -  $2700

  • August 11-18, 2018 &
  • August 18-24, 2018  

We will dive the Upper Sea of Cortez, meeting in Phoenix, then transferring to Puerto Penasco for departure.  The focus will be to dive with Whalesharks.  Sperm whales, humpback whales and dolphins are also all possibilities.  


147’ NAUTILUS Belle Amie LIVEABOARD:  HDS Benefit Charter  -  $3350-$4500 (includes 16% Mexico Tax)

  Photo: Cindy Rhodes

Photo: Cindy Rhodes

  • October 5-10, 2018  (Special Guests: Howard and Michele Hall)
  • October 7-12, 2019
  • October 12-17, 2019
  • October 14-19. 2020, &
  • October 19-25, 2020

Guadalupe Island is located 210 miles south of the Mexican border and 100 miles out to sea.  This very remote island is home to a small Mexican village of commercial lobster & abalone fisherman and a resident population of white sharks.  Additional white sharks migrate through.  We’ll be diving in 5 cages.  We’ve had as many as 14 different sharks in 3 days and as many as 5 sharks around the cages at one time.  The water is warmer (around 70 degrees) and visibility over 100’ is common.  All proceeds are donated to the Historical Diving Society. 


March 8-12, 2019  

5 Days / 4 Nights / 6 Whale Watch Charters   A non-diving trip to the birthing area of the California Grey Whales.  An absolutely incredible trip where the mother whales bring their calves to the skiffs to be petted.  This is a rustic trip, yet much cleaner and more comfortable than camping.  We will be staying in 2 bed cabins at Campo Cortez in the remote area of San Ignacio Lagoon.  We will meet a charter bus in San Diego that will transfer us to the airport in Ensenada.  We’ll board a private charter plane for a scenic 2 ½ flight down the baja peninsula.  This is truly a once in a lifetime experience….